I Am Who I Am, Deal With It


"Son of a Coma Guy" - I love this episode. 

All the co-called MCR “fans” sending abuse to Mikey need to stick their head in a blender. His private life is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS and has no bearing on the band’s music so STFU!


Anyone who is hassling Mikey and sticking their nose in his life is an obsessive loser, not a fan, and needs to fuck off.


hey! I saw the video you made on youtube about the bvb an sucide an self harm an I checked to see if you had tumblr which you did yay! an I just think you're so nice an amazing an to help that girl that you were saying about was just so nice an if you ever need anyone to help you or wanna talk I'm always here <3 xxx

Thank you :) i really appreciate that, same with you :) I almost forgot about my youtube channel XD should really make more videos ahha but thanks again :)

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